1961 – RC Cola BBQ

A couple, a cola, and a kiss.

RC Cola Kiss the cook Ad – McCalls Sept 1961

Thirsty? Have a Royal Crown Cola.

Here’s a mid-century ad for a mid-century cola. The cook is kissed and presented with a bottle of Royal Crown cola. It’s tagline?

The Fresher Refresher

This hot dog chef doesn’t seem to mind the kiss or the cola. Although clearly 3rd place behind Coke and Pepsi in the cola wars, RC Cola was a popular choice in the early 1960’s when this ad was published in the September 1961 issue of McCalls magazine. Here are 2 more Royal Crown Cola ads from my collection.

Royal Crown Cola Ad – Woman in head scarf – McCalls May 1961
Jack Benny Royal Crown Cola Ad – Good Housekeeping February 1948
Vintage Dads on

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