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1964 – Bridesmaid Dresses

Advice for the mid-century wedding planner.

This 2 page article from the June 1964 edition of Bride and Home gave advice for the bride selecting dresses for her bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids, this season, are in luck. They can wear any style that becomes them so long as it’s long.

The article provides a treat for our 21st century eyes with these 4 illustrations of mid-century dresses each prettier than the next.

Sleeveless formal dress with delectate beading and swiss applique at the bodice. By Murray Aarons. About $60 – Bride & Home Magazine June 1964
Organza splashed with embroidered flowers and threaded with velvet ribbon. By Dee Dee Jarrett for Harry Keiser. About $45
Eyelet organdy top and A-line skirt of Irish linen. A cummerbund of dull satin defines a slightly raised waistline. By Bill Underwood. $45.
Organza is simply shaped into a snug bodice and controlled skirt. Embroidered and bow and streamers at back add aisle appeal. By Date-Maker. About $45.
Bridesmaid dresses – Bride and Home magazine – June 1964
Vintage bridesmaid dresses on

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