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1956 – Dan River Fabric for Dresses

A look back at cotton dresses and USA fabric mills.

This ad from the March 1956 edition of Glamour magazine is a fun representation of the 1950’s. We see small-waisted women wearing cotton dresses made with a bright cotton print. The images remind me of paper dolls which I enjoyed as a young girl growing up in the mid-century.

Dan River Sunshades Cottons – Glamour March 1956

It takes a second to realize that the advertisement is for a mill that makes wrinkle-free fabric to be sold by the yard for the home sewer, or sold to dress makers for ready-to-wear.

And, Sunshades are Wrinkl-Shed! Wrinkles hang out overnight, colors stay in for life. In ready-to-wear fashions, and by the yard. At fine stores everywhere.

The advertiser is Dan River mills. This textile mill at one time employed 12,000 people in the area of Danville, VA. It was sadly sold in the early 2000’s and like most all other USA based manufacturing, was moved overseas.

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