1951 – Baggage and Brawls

A look at the decline of air travel.

This 4 piece set of mid-century luggage is from a White Star luggage ad that appeared in the May 1951 edition of Glamour magazine. The two-toned luggage set was made with a sturdy waterproof material and trimmed with white leather. If was made for a “long and hardy life”. Prices started at around $20.

Fashioned for the Smart Traveler.

White Star Luggage Ad – Glamour May 1951

Note the woman wearing a matching outfit. It is obvious by her coordinated suit and accessories that she was ready to make a good impression to her fellow travelers.

Fast forward 71 years and travelers are making a different kind of impression. An impression of a fist in a face.

Here are some search results listing recent videos from travelers that witnessed inflight fights.

And here is a search results page showing news reports about recent flight delays and cancelations. Here the impression is a bad one thanks to a multitude of mid-management.

We’ve gone from coordinated luggage to baffling brawls and dubious disruptions. What will the next 70 years bring?

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