1959 – Illustration by Thornton Utz

An embrace at the beach from a talented illustrator

Illustration by Thornton Utz – Cosmo March 1959

We continue our deep dive into mid-century summers with this illustration by Thornton Utz. It accompanied a 5 page short story by Robert A Knowlton titled “On the Make”. The illustration shows a couple in swimwear, a striped beach blanket, and a picnic basket. A small figure in the distance appears to be observing the couple’s embrace.

On the Make Short Story by Robert A Knowlton – Cosmopolitan magazine March 1959
Couple in sportscar in hotel parking lot – Thornton Utz Illustration – Cosmo March 1959 – On the Make

The issue gave the reader a 2nd Thornton Utz illustration. This one continues to tell the story with the same couple and another embrace–this time at a hotel parking lot. The short story can be downloaded and read via the link below.

Thornton Utz was a busy mid-century illustrator who captured the look of the American dream through his work. His bio can be found on the Saturday Evening Post archive site.

Here is another Thornton Utz illustration on

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