1961 – Dive into summer with fun swimwear

A mid-century look at 2 flirty swimsuits

Want a fun and flirty swimsuit with a bold print? Look back 61 years to 1961 and find this swimsuit with a halter on the top and a ruffled skirt at the bottom. The sweet suit was found in the May 1961 edition of McCalls magazine. It is a perfect addition to our collection of summer artifacts from mid-century women’s magazines. It was from the “By Mr. Mort Sportswear” line and sold for about $18.

Mid-century swimsuit – McCalls May 1961

Here’s another bold print swimsuit from the same designer. To top it off, she’s wearing a petaled bathing cap.

Sassy one-piece bathing suit wonderfully figure-flattering with the printed skirt slit at the sides to reveal bright-yellow bloomers. About $18

The 2 page fashion article also featured a top with a similar print. Dibs on the wide-brimmed hat.

Colorful top with floppy hat – McCalls May 1961

Summer Fashions Article – McCalls May 1961
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