1953 – Beach Fashions

Great mid-century fashions for the beach.

The May 1953 edition of Charm fashion magazine had a travel theme for its subscribers. It gave the reader ideas for where to travel in the upcoming summer months. To be more specific, it gave her ideas for where to travel and how to look fabulous when she got there.

Charm Magazine May 1953 – Beach Fashions – Lima Peru

The article you see titled, “Two for the Shore” shows models dressed in beach attire. The women in the striped tent is wearing a tank top and short shorts. The tank sold for $3 and the shorts for $5 at high-end department stores such as May Company. Here’s their description of the outfit.

The most useful top you could take: in a striped cotton knit, equally smart with shorts or an organdy skirt..

And if you were wondering about swimsuit options for 1953, here’s a strapless style with a skirt called a dressmaker suit. It sold for $17 and was available at stores such as Neiman Marcus.

Dressmaker . . . but different. With a newly narrowed skirt–smarter looking, easier to swim in wrinkl-shed cotton by Dan River.

So where did they suggest going? Lima Peru. Specifically, the Waikiki Club, Miraflores in Lima Peru where the photo shoot took place.

Looking great at the beach – Vintage Summer at

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