1964 – Ivory 3 Generations

A windblown trio for Ivory soap.

Here we see 3 generations. Granddaughter, daughter, and mother. Their ages are 3 1/2 months, 21 years, and shhh! This trio is from Greenwich Connecticut. They are Mary Jane Darrow, Dianne Darrow, and Milldred McDonnell. Grandma isn’t telling her age because she looks so young due to using Ivory soap.

Ladies Home Journal – October 1864 – 3 Generations Ivory Soap Ad

This ad appeared in the October 1964 edition of Ladies Home Journal. 2 months later, a similar one was published.

Ivory Sop Ad – 3 Generations – Ladies Home journal December 1964

They are Barbara Salkowski, Susan Salkowski, and Sue Doyle of Grosse Point Park, Michigan. No word why they have wind-blown hair, but this young looking grandma also uses Ivory soap.

3 comments on “1964 – Ivory 3 Generations

  1. Susan Weatherhead

    Hey, this is me as a baby along with my Mom and Grandma! Such a gift to see this print ad!!


    • That’s really cool. I’m so happy you found the ad. It must be weird to see yourself in an ad from so long ago.


      • Susan Weatherhead

        It was terrific to see! We also made a television commercial which I have. Such a keepsake for our family😊🙌

        Liked by 1 person

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