1950 – Career vs Home

Mid-century opinions were revealed in this article titled, "Do Women Want Outside Jobs?"

Women in apron peering out window. Woman’s Home Companion April 1950

In 1950, the editors at Woman’s Home Companion asked it’s readers, “Would you rather work, or stay home and keep house?” The results were revealed in their April 1950 issue in the article titled, “Do Women Want Outside Jobs?”

Just over half said they would prefer to stay home.

Rearing a family is by far the most satisfying work any woman can find to do.

Of those who said they would like to work outside the home, one out of 10 said they would like to work part-time and tend to the home part-time. This was especially true for the older readers who were empty-nesters.

Frankly my friends that have part time jobs seem happier, look prettier and appear better adjusted than the rest of us.

I would say that half the neurotic whining women in the world are full-time housekeepers with no small children to keep them busy.

What was the response when they asked husbands if they would object to their wives working ? Most said no, they wouldn’t object. Of those who said they would object, the article provided this quote.

I am a private-duty nurse. I now work part time and keep house the rest of the time. My husband didn’t like the idea at first but now says working wives keep up their appearance and have more interests.

Do Women Want Outside Jobs? – Women’s Home Companion April 1950

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