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1951 – Elizabeth Taylor and Stanley

Name the baby for your chance to win a scholarship or a dishwasher.

Elizabeth Taylor and Baby Stanley – Promo for Father’s Little Dividend – 1951 Name the Baby Contest

The picture you see of a young Elizabeth Taylor holding a smiling baby is part of an ad for Libby’s Baby Food. Included in the ad is a promo for the 1951 movie titled “Father’s Little Dividend” starring Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy, and Joan Bennett. The main focus of the ad was a contest where consumers of Libby’s Baby Food could send in their suggestions for a nickname for the movie’s baby. The ad was clear to point out that the baby already had a name. Stanley. The contest was for the fictional baby’s nickname.

“Hurry! Nickname little Stanley and Win Big Prizes!”, says Elizabeth Taylor

1951 Libby’s Baby Food Ad and promo for Father’s Little Dividend movie

Contest participants were to send their idea for Stanley’s nickname along with 3 baby food labels for their chance to win a prize. Prizes included a scholarship for baby, a household appliance, or a free supply of baby food.

It is a fun ad which is classic 1950’s. Combining baby food, movie stars, and a consumer contest makes this the everything ad. No word on the winner of the fictional nickname chosen for the contest.

Elizabeth Taylor was only 19 years old when the movie was made. At the time, she had been married and divorced once. She would have her own child 2 years later.

Father’s Little Dividend was a sequel to the movie “Father of the Bride” which was released the previous year. The movie was the beginning of Taylor’s successful career as an adult star.

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