1950 – Child Grooming Lessons

How to teach your child good grooming habits

Mother showing nail care to young girl – Today’s Woman August 1950

How do you teach your child good grooming habits that will last a lifetime? Start them young, and show them how. This article from the August 1950 edition of Today’s Woman magazine uses the proverb “As the Tree is bent, so grows the tree” to convince mothers to teach her children nail, hair, and teeth care at a young age.

Here’s the advice.

  • Show your child how to shape nails and care for cuticles. Suggest that they pull back cuticles and apply lotion each time they wash their hands.
  • Allow little girls to pick out nail polish and have fun painting her nails.
  • Give them a small hair brush and show them how to brush their hair
  • Give them a haircut that is easy to maintain
  • Allow them to pick a flavor of toothpaste that they like. Buy a toothbrush in a fun color
  • Allow them to watch how mom or dad does it. Girls watch mom. Boys watch dad.
Sister and Brother brush their teeth – 1950
Give her an easy haircut with mid-century bangs – 1950
As the Twig is Bent – How to give children grooming skills – Today’s Woman August 1950

The article is part of Today’s Woman monthly beauty column from beauty editor Kay Jamesson.

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