1949 – Toilet Paper for Baby

A mid-century look at changing diapers

Young mother adoring baby – Scot Tissue Ad – Good Housekeeping February 1949

When I first saw this ad for Scot bath tissue, I wondered what a young baby had to do with toilet paper. Then I figured it out. Of course. Disposable wipes and diapers were not around in 1949. It seems right that toilet paper would have been an essential part of the baby’s changing table along with soapy water, a wash cloth, baby powder, and a diaper pail.

When my first child was born in the early 1980’s, I decided that I wasn’t going to use disposable diapers. Instead, I subscribed to a diaper service who laundered his cloth diapers a few times a week. Diapering required folding the diaper, securing it with diaper pins, and using a plastic covering (AKA plastic pants) to prevent leaks. I quickly learned that my attempt to do the right thing was actually the wrong thing. Although professionally laundered, the cloth diapers along with the plastic pants caused diaper rash. The diaper rash continued until I finally changed to Pampers. As for cleaning his little tush? I was never without disposable baby wipes.

Scot Tissue Ad – Mother and Baby – Good Housekeeping February 1949

Reduce Diaper Laundering This Easy Way

The ad also suggested that mom stack 20 or more sheets of tissue, and place in the diaper as a make-shift liner.

With this routine, you’ll be happy to find that you will have fewer diapers to wash

As someone born before disposable wipes and diapers were available, I have one thing to say, “Thank Mom”. That must have been a lot of work.

I searched through my magazines to find information on products that helped with diaper changing. Here’s a few that I found.

Diaper Liners from Dennison – Today’s Woman – April 1953
Spencers Diaper with Adjustable Grippers – Good Housekeeping April 1959
Chux Disposable Diapers – Ladies Home Journal August 1959

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  1. I used cloth diapers for my first three babies (born in the 80s). I’m so glad those days are over! I really enjoyed your post.

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