1952 – A Bolt of Botany Fabric

Botany fabrics for the home sewer

McCalls Pattern 8856 – Botany Fabrics – Today’s Woman April 1952

In 1952 it is likely that women buying Today’s Woman magazine were also making their own clothes. This means that she would be knowledgeable about fabric that could be bought by the yard at a local store. That is perhaps why Botany Fabric was advertising in the April 1952 edition of Today’s Woman magazine.

Take a Needle, Pretty Lady . . . and exalt in a style that exalts you

Botany Fabrics Ad – April 1952 Today’s Woman Magazine

Here’s a closeup of their clever logo.

Botany Fabric Logo – April 1952

According to the ad, the sleek black dress you see was made from their line of Spring Frolic Colors in Baronette Crepe. The pattern used? McCalls 8856.

Garment Shown: Jacket dress with detachable peplum fashioned from Botany Brand Baronette Crepe in McCall Pattern #8856

I took a chance and Googled “McCalls Pattern #8856 from 1952”. And sure enough– I was able to get a picture of the original pattern. Amazing.

McCalls Pattern 8856 – 1952 – Jacket dress with detachable peplum

Here is another Botany Fabric Ad. This one is from 1949. According to the tagline, Botany fabrics began in 1889. However, according to Wikipedia, the company ended in 1955.

Botany Fabrics Ad – McCalls February 1949


3 comments on “1952 – A Bolt of Botany Fabric

  1. I just learned what a peplum is. Interesting. I’m glad the days of home sewing are gone.


    • I regret that I am no longer thin enough to wear a peplum, but I’m so glad the days of girdles and tight-fitting dresses and no longer expected of us. BTW Elaine. It is so nice to “talk” to you. I so enjoy your postings on Farmers Wife Magazine.

      Liked by 1 person

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