1956 – Blue Bell Wrangler

Lasso up a pair of $1.98 jeans

Blue Bell Wrangler Jeans – Glamour March 1956

I couldn’t resist featuring this 1956 ad for Blue Bell clothing. It came from a 1/4 page ad published in the March 1956 edition of Glamour magazine. The ad appeared towards the back of the magazine. Most of the pages before it featured high-fashion looks for the mid-century style conscious. Little did they know that it would be these $1.98 jeans that would capture the hearts of the 21st century style conscious 65+ years later. In fact, dated jeans like these are a hot treasure. A quick Google search revealed a pair of mid-century Blue Bell Wrangler size 8 children’s jeans listed for $145.00. Yee Haw!

Her Wrangler Jeans are news in wheat, one of 6 exiting colors. $3.98 blouse. About $1.98

Blue Bell Clothing Ad – Glamour March 1956

So long-wearing– So Low-Priced — So Right for All the Family

Glamour Magazine March 1956 – Page 172 – Blue Bell Clothing
Vintage Couples on – Blue Bell Wrangler Jeans – 1956


2 comments on “1956 – Blue Bell Wrangler

  1. It is hard to imagine Wranglers (now a western classic) being advertised in Glamour!


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