1959 – Classic Window Sheers

A view of a simpler time

Pretty window with potted plants – 1959

This pretty window is brought to us from a 1959 window treatment ad from J.C. Penneys. It presents a view of ruffled sheer curtains in a classic criss cross style that frames a classic window pane.

Rayon Ondule – Weaves a new crystal sheen . . . rich texture in curtains made with Dacron

Rayon Ondule Weave curtains from Penney’s – Good Housekeeping April 1959

I choose to feature it today because it is a calming image that gives us a glimpse of a simpler time.

The price? $1.69 per panel.

Panels, ninety inches long – 1.69 each

JCPenney is a mainstream brick and morter that is still a destination in you local mall. According to the text at the bottom of the page of this April 1959 ad, it had 1691 stores in 48 states. According to the JCPenney Wikipedia page, it currently has 669 in 49 states and Puerto Rico. JCP has a special meaning to me because my father worked for them throughout his career. He would have been working for them when this ad was published. I remember the various name and logo changes through the years. Note that the logo in this ad shows the name as simply Penneys.

Here’s a modern version of the window treatment today from JCP. The price? Around $20 with a coupon.





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