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1956 – Dog Walking in Style

Hats, gloves, belts, and fashionable pups.

Women walking dogs – 1956 Ship ‘n Shore Blouse Ad

Perhaps the best part of retirement is simplicity. It is this simplicity that allows me enjoy the daily act of a neighborhood walk. When I’m lucky, I will pass a fellow neighbor along the way. She and her walking partners are always a fun sight to see. She is also taking her daily walk. But unlike me, she is working. Her job? Dog walking.

This talented animal lover is generally exercising about 10 dogs at a time. Each dog is a different shape and size, but they seem to have one thing in common. They are all having a great time. Each one is wearing a leash and a smile.

Of course, the ad you see is about clothing and not pups. The ad for Ship ‘n Shore is showing off their $3.98 embroidered blouse. It appeared in the March 1956 edition of Glamour magazine. The look is complete with a hat, earrings, belt, bracelet, gloves and 3 cool looking dogs. Where do they keep the doggie treats?

Ship ‘n Shore Ad – Glamour March 1956 – The $3.98 embroidered blouse.

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