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1951 – Dream Kitchen

A fantasy kitchen complete with dishwasher.

Mother and daughters in mid-century kitchen – McCalls April 1951

The kitchen was a selling point when we purchased our current house in the early 1990’s. The house was a bit of a fixer-upper, but the kitchen was near perfect. It was roomy with lots of storage, a double oven, and a counter top range. The day we moved in, the kitchen was the first room to be unpacked. I remember the day well. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. But it didn’t take long before I began to play the “wouldn’t it be nice if . . .” game. I wished for nicer cabinets, an easier-to-clean range top, and a quieter dishwasher. The perfect kitchen is not easy to come by.

Imagine the perfect mid-century kitchen in the early 1950’s. It would have ample countertop space, metal sinks, roomy countertops, and that wonderful modern convenience called a dishwasher.

Youngstown Dishwasher – 1951

You can enjoy completely modernized, fully automatic dishwashing with the new Youngstown Kitchens Jet-Tower Dishwasher!

Youngstown Kitchen Ad – McCalls April 1951

This ad for Youngstown Kitchens was published in the April 1951 edition of McCalls magazine. Youngstown had brag-worthy enameled white steel sinks and cabinets. Their countertop too was steel with a laminate surface.

Yes, now you can own a glamorous Youngstown Kitchen in lovely white-enameled steel.

Youngstown Kitchen White Enameled Cabinets with something that looks like a garbage disposal under the sink

The ad doesn’t mention the term garbage disposal, but it does show one, and suggests to the reader to write for a complete brochure that explains “How you can eliminate garbage.”

Youngstown Kitchens White enameled cabinets with Lazy Susan Storage

I personally like the corner storage with something that looks like a lazy Susan.

Plan on specialized storage with Youngstown Kitchens Rotary Corner Base Cabinet! Has shelves that turn!

Here’s to the pursuit of a perfect kitchen.

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