1953 – Illustration by Larry Harris

For a mid-century short story titled My Husband Never Talks to Me

Illustration by Larry Harris – My Husband Never Talks to Me Short Story by Ware Torrey Budlong

The stunning image you see here was illustrated by Larry Harris. It accompanied a short story by Ware Torrey Budlong that was published in the May 1953 issue of Today’s Woman magazine. The title of the story was “My Husband Never Talks to Me”. It was about Zebby and Burt, a newly married couple with a few problems to work out. She was a talker, and he was a man of few words.

There he was, with his perfectly good head and all his exciting ideas and nothing to say.

illustration by Larry Harris – Today’s Woman May 1953

It was typical for a mid-century woman’s magazine to have at least one short story with each issue. This issue had 3 other short stories.

Today’s Woman – May 1953 – Table of Contents

Note that in addition to the short stories, a novelette was also included in this issue. Since the pages were spread throughout the magazine, it forced the reader to go to the back of the magazine to view more ads.

The tagline for Today’s Woman was “The Magazine Young Wives Live By”. I was able to purchase a few Today’s Woman issues on eBay several years ago. All were from the middle of the 1950’s and all have some interesting words and images that add perspective to our 21st century world. Here is a quick image from the Novelette and a link to more postings from Today’s Woman.

Today’s Woman May 1953 – Always pick a winner by Gwen Davenport – Illustration by Frederic Varaday

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