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1963 – Gary Cooper Lasting Love

An article about Gary Cooper's last days

Gary Cooper and Wife Veronica from 1963 Good Housekeeping Article

The article titled “How I Faced Tomorrow by Mrs. Gary Cooper” was published in the October 1963 edition of Good Housekeeping 2 years after the popular actor’s death. It tells about the actor’s struggle with cancer, his diagnosis, and his final days.

How I Faced Tomorrow by Mrs Gary Cooper – October 1963 Good Housekeeping

The words from the still-grieving Veronica Cooper were told to Good Housekeeping writer George Christy. The article gave the reader insight into the personal life of a public figure.

Gary Cooper at home with wife Veronica and daughter Maria – Good Housekeeping 1963

Gary Cooper was a beloved Hollywood movie star in the mid-century whose film career included silent movies and westerns before becoming a major Hollywood star. He became known as the strong silent type and starred in blockbusters such as The Fountainhead and Mr Deeds Goes to Town.

The article is available for download below.




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