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1950 – Gary Cooper’s Closet

A look at the life of a mid-century movie star

In 1950, Flair magazine published a 2 page article titled “Gary Cooper, Actor and Westerner”. It told about the career, family, and homes of the popular leading man.

Oddly, the upscale mid-century magazine went beyond the typical celebrity article and gave specific details about Gary Cooper’s wardrobe. So if you wondered how many outfits he had in his closet, the answer is 25.

Here’s a peek at his closet.

Gary Cooper’s Closet – Flair Magazine July 1950

And here’s a peek at his shirts and ties. Note the Oscar sitting in the corner. No word on if he wore boxers or briefs.

Gary Cooper’s Wardrobe and Oscar – Flair magazine July 1950
A look at the mid-century life of an aging leading man.
Gary Cooper, Actor and Westerner – Flair July 1950

13 years later, this article was published in the October 1963 edition of Good Housekeeping. Sadly, the article detailed Gary Cooper’s dyeing days, as told by his grieving wife Veronica.

How I faced tomorrow by Mrs Gary Cooper – Good Housekeeping October 1963

Read the article here:

One more thing. A few days ago, I posted an article about fashion designer Hubert De Givenchy. The article talked about Givenchy’s American clients. One of them was Gary Cooper’s young daughter, Maria.

Reference to a 1960 article referencing Gary Cooper’s Daughter Maria as a client of Givenchy

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