1956 Pretty in Plaid

This crisp and comfortable shirtwaist plaid dress from 1956 was perfect for the office.

Polyester fiber ad from Eastman Chemical showcasing this plaid office dress by Carol Reed

This fun fifties shirtwaist dress from Carol Reed is brought to us by Eastman Chemical Products company (a division of Eastman Kodak). This wrinkle and soil resistant fabric called Chromspun uses a combination of cotton and acetate. The plaid fabric came in blue, green, pink, maize, and brown. The dress was designed and produced by Carol Reed and sold for about $11.00 at Bloomingdales.

This photo of a stylish girl-next-door caught my eye and I wanted to share both the image and the dress. The dress looks cool and crisp and perhaps even comfortable. It appeared in the May 1956 edition of Charm magazine. Charm fashion magazine catered to the unmarried working woman. The issue was filled with looks such as this where the subject had an everyday appeal. As with other fashion ads that you will find on this site, the ad was created by a fiber company instead of a fashion company as the post-war world was getting used to man-made fibers.

Full Ad from Eastman Chemical Products from Charm magazine – May 1956.
1956 Shirtwaist Plaid Dress Ad found on – Vintage Magazine Archive
Midcentury 1950s Woman in glasses wearing plaid shirtwaist dress from 1956
Midcentury 1950s Woman in glasses wearing plaid shirtwaist dress from 1956

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