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1955 Marlon Brando Interview

A Cosmo article detailing the life of actor Marlon Brando at 31

Marlon Brando - May 1955 article from Cosmopolitan

This article appeared in the May 1955 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Written by Richard Gehman, the 6 page article provides a glimpse into the life of the gifted actor Marlon Brando. It tells about his background and career which at the time included memorable roles such as The Wild Ones and Streetcar Named Desire.

It is a good read for anyone interested in classic movies, or talent and success in general. There is no doubt that the reader will agree with author’s conclusion that he is eccentric. If you’re like me, you will smile at the quote, “I’m sick to death of being though of as a blue-jeaned slobbermouth”. To be honest, I have no clue what this means, but the image of a blue-jeaned slobbermouth makes me laugh.

The article is attached in the link below.

The Marlon Brando Story - Cosmo May 1955
Marlon Brando movie roles photos from May 1955 Cosmo
Quote from May 1955 article from Marlon Brando . . . I am sick to death of being thought of as a blue-jeaned slobbermouth"

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