1954 Let’s Look Alike

A Day With Dad in Matching Plaid

Most mid-century homemaker magazines included at least one fashion article to show the latest sewing patterns from pattern companies such as Simplicity, McCalls, or Butterrick. This article from the June 1954 Good Housekeeping introduced the idea of matching family clothing and gave details on fabric, yardage, and patterns so that daughter could look like mom and son could look like dad.

I have to admit that I remember this trend and I remember it fondly. My mom made matching outfits for my sister and I using the same fabric as a dress she made for herself. We called them Mother/daughter dresses. We took great pride in the team process of finding the fabric and then wearing them for the world to see.

You might think that this is an idea that has come and gone, but I recently noticed a display at Target with the same vibe. They had a family of mannequins wearing matching clothing. The campaign was called Together is Better – Matching Family Outfits.

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