1956 Friends in Dresses

Embroidered mid-century dresses in cool cottons from Carol King Fashions

1956 Fashions from Carol King Juniors Clothing in St Louis, MO

This is a typical ad from Charm Magazine. Charm was marketed to the unmarried young women from the 1950’s. The tagline for this magazine reads, “The Magazine for Women who Work”. The 1950’s saw quite a few magazines for women. Unfortunately, Charm didn’t last. I wish I had more in my collection.

This ad was featured in the May 1956 edition. It was marketed to juniors who were preparing for a hot summer in this pre air conditioning era where women of all ages and sizes wore gloves and girdles regardless of weather. I imagine a cool summer dress would be a welcome treat for a young working woman.

Magazine Cover – Charm May 1956
Carol King Juniors Ad – Charm magazine May 1956

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