1954 Red, White, and Brag-Worthy

A stunning ad from Chrysler for a Luxury Imperial.

This stunning ad for Chrysler Imperial appeared in the July 1954 issue of Vogue magazine. Since Vogue was marketed to fashionable women of means, we can conclude that this ad was designed for the reader who appreciates the finer things in life and likely strives to impress others. Case in point. The copy of the ad lists prominent members of society who happen to own an Imperial. Apparently, the president of Bluebird Coach Lines owns one. Mr Coulter of T P & W Railroad, Mr Holden of Holden Hybrid Seed Corn Company, Mr Smith from Canada Steamship Lines, and Mr Chrma from Sheaffer Pen Company also own one.

According to the ad copy, the “Chrysler Imperial is The Finest Car America Has Yet Produced”. A quick Google search for one of these bad boys in this vintage can be worth about $40,000 today.

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