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1959 Hand Held Portables

A mid-century take on convenience electronics in this ad from RCA Victor and Miss Pat dresses

Models carrying RCA Victor Portable TVs and wearing Miss Pat Fashions from Glamour May 1959

File this one under quirky, or perhaps “if they only knew”. If they only knew that we would be carrying around portable TV’s in our pockets in the early 21st century. No plugs or picture tubes required.

I’m guessing that the smiling models adorned with white gloves might have thought that the TVs were a bit heavy, but pretty cool technology. I can’t help but picture them also carrying around mid-century phones, cameras, record players, and whatever other technologies we take for granted today. What a heavy load that would be. This is where I stop and give my calendar a big kiss. Come on. Everyone says that things are pretty screwed up these days. But seriously. We do have it good.

The ad appeared in the May 1959 edition of Glamour magazine. I find the whole ad delightful. This two-for-one ad does double duty by advertising cool cottons from Miss Pat of California and RCA Victor TVs.

RCA VIctor / Miss Pat Fashions Ad from 1959 – reimagined by
Mid-century ad from Glamour May 1959 for RCA Victor and Miss Pat Fashions – Models carrying portable mid-century TVs

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