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1955 Article about Polio

A look at the Polio health crisis. The fear and confusion in 1955 was not unlike our fears and confusion with COVID-19.

This article from the May 1955 edition of Cosmopolitan magazine is written as a question and answer interview with the leading infectious disease scientists from the day. The subject is sad and scary as the reader expands her understanding of the devastating disease named Polio and increases her understanding of its vaccine. Here the fear is heightened since the reader is likely a mother concerned about her children. The article cites that 80% of adults have been infected by polio, but generally suffer no harm. Those most likely to suffer are children.

I have scanned the article to share with others who may find it interesting to read and compare with today’s fear and confusion with the COVID-19 virus and vaccine.

Polio article from Cosmo May 1955
Polio striken 4 year old photo from Polio 1955 article from May Cosmo 1955

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