1958 Illustration by Joe Bowler – Life with Money

11 page Ladies Home Journal Novelette written by Dorothy Black titled Life with Money.

In 1958, Ladies Home Journal was published as an oversized magazine similar to the size of Life Magazine. It stood apart from other Women’s Magazines of the time which had switched to the smaller size we are used to today. The full color illustration found in this magazine was truly impressive . The work you see here by Joe Bowler does not disappoint. One look at the charming couple in a countryside setting makes you want to sit down with a hot beverage and read it immediately. Such was the talent of the illustrators, authors, and publishers of the day who were required to put out a quality product to compete with the numerous other magazines on the newsstand shelves.

I have scanned the 11 pages of this short story by Dorothy Black titled Life with Money and provided it to you to download as a pdf.

Man with kilt and women holding red rose – Illustration by Joe Bowler – LHJ 1958
Life with Money 2 page layout August 1958 Ladies Home Journal Illustration by Joe Bowler, Short Story by Dorothy Black

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