1964 Ad Henrietta’s Bridal

Impressive ad showing a mid-century bridal shop that resembles ours today.

This full page black and white ad for Henrietta’s Bridal caught my eye when browsing through the pages of the June 1964 edition of Bride & Home magazine. I was reminded that the thrill of bridal dress shopping has not changed during the near 6 decades since this ad was released.

“At the push of a button, an unending array of Bridal Fashions is automatically conveyed before the Bride in the privacy of her own spacious room.”

Henrietta’s Bridal 1964 Ad from Bride & Home
Mid-Century bride searches for the perfect wedding dress from 1964

The copy references Bridal consultant Miss Jane Hale and gives the following address.

334 Ninth Street – Brooklyn 25, N.Y. – ST 8-1166

I was intrigued that a small business with one location would be able to give specific details such as a bridal consultant’s name in a national magazine. I googled the shop to see if it still exists, and found the photo below.

Henrietta’s Bridal sign in Brooklyn from

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