1952 – Miller High Life Beer and New TV

Friends, beer, and a new TV show

I found this ad for Miller High Life beer in the December 1952 issue of Today’s Woman magazine. It had a nice graphic of the bottle and logo, so I decided to scan it. After looking at it a second time, I noticed it referenced a TV show called “March of Time”. I did a quick internet search and learned that March of Time was a short-lived documentary TV show from Time Magazine that aired on ABC in the very early days of TV. The show had previously been shown in Movie Theaters as a Newsreel short, but moved to TV in 1952. Thanks to the efforts of the folks out there, I found a recording of the show on YouTube. It gives us a lovely view of life in 1952. Scroll to the bottom of the post for more.

It was not uncommon to find beer ads in mid-century Women’s magazines.

You give your guests a royal welcome when you invite them to enjoy life with Miller High Life

Miller High Life Ad – Today’s Woman December 1952

Here’s one from the Fashion magazine Charm (May 1956)

Miller High Life Ad – Charm magazine May 1956

The product hasn’t changed much through the years. Here’s a comparison of the bottle graphic.

Miller High Life Bottle – 1952 and 2022

More Information

March of Times on YouTube (from Eric Roberts)

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