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1959 – Andrew Wyeth

A rare conversation with artist Andrew Wyeth

The theme of the February 1959 issue of Cosmopolitan was art. Among the pages was this rare article titled, “Andrew Wyeth–Modern Master of Realism” written by Richard Gehman. The article told about how the talented mid-century artist lived with his wife and two sons in Chadds Ford, PA and how the beautiful setting and townspeople were inspiration for his work.

The article was rare because Wyeth rarely granted interviews and was not inclined to discuss his art. He is described as a quiet man who loves the beauty of simplicity and the history of the farmland that surrounds him.

“Why sould I go to Europe?” asks Andrew Wyeth, the foremost American Realist. “It would take me ten lifetimes to see everything I want to see outside my doorstep.”

The article is available for download below.

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