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1963 – Rock Hudson

A look at the mid-century icon

The April 1963 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine published a 6 page article about film star Rock Hudson titled, “Is he the Next Cary Grant?”. Rock Hudson had been a movie star for more than a decade in 1963 and had excelled at both comedy and drama. The same was true for Cary Grant, who was 20 years older. Both Hudson and Grant were known for their charisma, good looks, and style.

Rock Hudson Article – “Is He the Next Cary Grant?” – written by Kirtley Baskett -Good Housekeeping April 1963

The article described his early life and pursuit of stardom. The actor was originally named Roy Scherer and changed to Rock Hudson by his agent after being finally labeled as a future star. The actor had left Illinois for Hollywood in hopes of being “discovered”, and was working as a truck driver delivering produce in the LA area. He had zero experience acting, but his charm and determination worked in his favor, and it didn’t take long before he was starring in movies.

He’s the man next door, also the knight in shining armor. And whatever they idealize in him they also feel they can rely on. He’s always a friend, too.

The article is available for download below.

Rock Hudson continued to have a great career in both movies and TV as a leading man. Here is a movie ad promoting Rock Hudson’s 1959 movie “This Earth is Mine”.

Rock Hudson movie Ad for This Earth is Mine – Good Housekeeping July 1959

Sadly, Rock Hudson died in 1985 at age 59 from Aids. According to Wikipedia, “He was the first major celebrity to die from an AIDS-related illness”.

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