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1959 – Bing Crosby

Bing sings Christmas

Today is Thanksgiving — also known as the day before Black Friday, and the start of the Christmas holiday season. If it were up to me, the holidays would begin on Thanksgiving and end as soon as the last bite of the last turkey leftover was swallowed. But my husband is all in for Christmas. This man doesn’t like much of anything in modern life, but he loves the music and movies and decorations and giving that come with Christmas. As soon as we say goodbye to our Thanksgiving guests and finish the Thanksgiving dishes, we get out our collection of Christmas movies and music. And thus the listening and watching and decorating and wrapping begins. So, in honor of my usually ornery husband, let’s put a pin in business as usual, and say hello to the Christmas Holidays.

To help us celebrate, here is Mr. Christmas, himself–Bing Crosby. I won’t bore you with too many details about this talented man. Just know that he knows how to carry a tune while wearing a collar. Here he is for the movie “Say One for Me” where he plays the role of father Conroy.

Movie ad for Say one For Me starring Bing Crosby, Debbie Reynolds and Robert Wagner – Good Housekeeping July 1959

The story of Father Conroy whose parish was all Broadway . . . and his wonderful people in love and mirth, melody, mankind and their Maker!

The ad appeared in the July 1959 edition of Good Housekeeping. You might think that a summer movie would not be a Christmas movie. But apparently, when Bing plays a priest, he also sings about Christmas. Here is a snippet of the movie where he preforms a little known Christmas song titled, “The Secret of Christmas”.

Bing Crosby – The Secret of Christmas from the Movie “Say one for Me” – 1959 – Source:
nicoley133 from YouTube

And here he is playing a priest in The Bells of St Mary’s. This one is part of my husband’s Christmas movie collection, and one of my favorites. Bing shares the screen with Ingrid Bergman who plays a nun.

Bing Crosby – The Bells of St Marys – 1945 – Source: nicoley133 from YouTube

One more. A discussion of Bing singing Christmas would not be complete without mention of the 1954 mid-century classic White Christmas. Here, is isn’t a priest, but a hotel entrepreneur at a winter resort.

Bing Crosby – Danny Kaye – White Christmas Movie Trailer

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