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1954 – Eisenhower and Burning Tree

Playing golf in the swamp

It’s 1954 in the United States. Who is the current president? Dwight D. Eisenhower. What does he do to relax? Golf. Specifically, he plays golf with fellow power politicians at Washington’s Burning Tree golf club.

A June 1954 article in Coronet magazine gives all the details of this exclusive club, and spills the beans on who shared the greens with the president.

In addition to Eisenhower, its active golfing members now include the Vice President, the Chief Justice and two Associate Supreme Court Justices, several Cabinet members, leaders in the House and Senate — of both parties — and the ranking military officers of the nation.

Where Ike Finds Refuge by Alfred Toombs – Coronet June 1954

According to the article, this is a no women club. According to Wikipedia, the club still exists, as does the no women rule. Also noteworthy is the cost. According to Wikipedia, the 2022 Initiation Fee is $75,000 while membership fees are $500 per month. Membership info provided in the Coronet article is a bit different.

Resident membership is limited to 250, so the course is never crowded. Initiation – sometimes waived – costs $1000 and dues are $300 a year. Meals are generally quite simple and the club does not have a bar.

The article is available for download below.

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