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1964 – Bob Hope’s Luggage

Bob Hope endorses luggage and his new movie

Since today is Veteran’s Day, I thought it fitting to select Bob Hope as the subject for today’s post. Bob Hope was a mid-century icon who is credited with performing USO shows for the men and women in the military from WWII through the Persian Gulf war, spanning a half century.

The actor and comedian was 62 and still going strong when he appeared in this ad for American Touristic Luggage. He passed away in 2002 at the age 100.

The ad did double duty. Besides promoting the luggage, it was also promoting his new movie named, “A Global Affair”.

Bob Hope, world traveler, says,
“Luggage is a global affair with me. And from Hollywood to Holland, Nome to New Zealand, American Tourister Luggage goes with me.”

The ad appeared in the December 1964 edition of Ladies Home Journal. The luggage you see is from American Tourister’s Tiara edition.

In seven fashion colors and twenty-four styles for men and women to meet every travel need. Priced from $19.95

Thankfully, hauling luggage in today’s world is much easier that it was in the mid-century. You can still buy American Tourister. A large wheeled suitcase in 2022 will set you back about $100.

American Tourister 2022

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