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1953 – Walt Disney 2.0

The mid-century icon and his next big projects

The January 1953 edition of Today’s Woman magazine published an article titled, “Meet the New Walt Disney”. By 1953, Disney had achieved his vision for quality animated movies and had wealth beyond his wildest dreams. He turned his attention to other passions such as nature, travel, and fun. The article detailed his long list of projects that included an assortment of entertaining nature films.

It is an excellent read that gives insight into this intriguing mid-century icon. Besides talking about his projects, the article provides information about his family and early career.

Meet the New Walt Disney by Cameron Shipp – Today’s Woman January 1958

The article is available for download below.

Disney 2.0 would soon lead to Disney 3.0. The following year, Disney’s imagination would lead to even bigger things–Disneyland. Here is a screen capture from Wikipedia showing Disney sharing his vision with California’s Orange County officials in December 1954. Disneyland would open the following year.

Disney and Orange County Officials – December 1954 – Source: Wikipedia

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