1956 – Tom Sawyer Boys Clothing

Affordable flannel for growing mid-century boys

So far this month we’ve looked at an assortment of back to school clothing for the mid-century student. Here is an ad for a company that specializes in the often overlooked boy’s clothing market. The brand is named after a popular Missourian literary character named Tom Sawyer.

Tom Sawyer Boys Apparel Logo – 1956

The ad appeared in the August 1956 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine during the peak of the baby boom era. The children’s market was competitive, so the brand focused on the budget minded family.

Important style news for boys with mothers on a budget

Tom Sawyer Striped Flannel Shirt Ad – Good Housekeeping August 1956

The Tom Sawyer Tri-Collar wash ‘n wear cotton flannel. Three handsome color combinations Sizes 6-20. About $3.95

You can find a few vintage Tom Sawyer clothing items in today’s world. Here’s an example.

Vintage Tom Sawyer sweater label – 2022

The brand was based in St Louis, MO under the parent company named Elder Manufacturing company. Elder Manufacturing began in 1916 as a men and boys clothing manufacturer. It still exists today. According to their website, the brand currently sells school uniforms.

Screen shot from Elder Manufacturing 2022 –

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