1952 – Manitowoc Frozen After-School Snack

Mom, ice cream, and a buckaroo's snack

This little buckaroo and his empty bowl comes to us all the way from 1952. The illustration of an eager boy and his accommodating mom is for an ad for a stand-alone Manitowoc Sub-zero freezer. The ad provides information to mid-century homemakers about how to potentially fit the freezer into the kitchen to serve as a partner to a refrigerator.

Needs only 2 1/2 by 3 feet of floor space, little more than your refrigerator takes. Put them side by side if you like.

Housewife plans room for a sub-zero Manitowoc freezer – Good Housekeeping August 1952
Manitowoc Sub-zero Stand-up freezer ad – Good Housekeeping August 1952

The sweet illustration of a mom and her high-top wearing cowboy is a sweet reminder of the quintessential mid-century pastime of afterschool snacks. The chocolate frozen kind delivered by an ice cream scoop is the best snack around.

More Information

Manitowoc freezers are still sold. The focus has switched from the home kitchen to the restaurant. The ice-making appliance is a popular choice for professionals.

Manitowoc ice machine from – 2022

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