1960 – Mom, Me and Miss Clairol

Jackie or Marilyn? This one's Jackie.

We are nearing the conclusion of our Moms in May feature. We started with mid-century mom images from 1946 and have now reached 1960. Here we see the modern 1960’s mom and her young daughter. This mom looks a bit more youthful and natural than the glamour looks of the 1950’s.

The image is from a Miss Clairol hair color ad that I found in the December 1960 edition of McCalls magazine.

Her classic look reminds me of a scene in the Mad Man TV series where the ad men concluded that every mid-century woman was either Jackie (Kennedy) or Marilyn (Monroe). They may have been on to something. The classic look of the model featured in this ad definitely makes her a Jackie.

Mom and daughter looks on

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  1. I agree. She is definitely a Jackie 😉

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