1956 – Mommy Daughter Cover

A look at mid-century magazine covers

As we continue to celebrate moms this month, here is a sweet picture of a mother and child. The picture was used as the cover of the August 1956 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.

Magazines were important to mid-century moms for information and entertainment. In an era before TV was mainstream, and the internet was a half century away, a woman’s magazine was a mainstay. There were other magazines that offered similar information, so the cover was an way to attract the attention of the potential buyer. A mom and daughter on the cover is a clue to what was on the minds of the folks. Babies. There is a reason why they titled the years of 1946 to 1964 as the baby boom generation. Babies were big business.

A quick look at a few magazine covers in my mid-century collection proves my point.

January 1956. Mom and Baby.

March 1959

August 1963

What’s on the minds of modern Good Housekeeping buyers? Here a sampling of recent Good Housekeeping issues.

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