Family Illustration

1955 – Illustration by Robert Patterson

All mothers have likely felt like this mom. Overworked and unappreciated.

Illustration by Robert Patterson – Tired mom with 4 kids

This illustration showing a frustrated and overworked mom appeared in the May 1955 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine as part of a short story titled a Kiss for a Kiss.

2 page short story by Jean Kinkead – Cosmo May 1955

This 6 page magazine short story was written by Jan Kinkead.

They were devouring her bit by bit–four kids and a man she should never have married. What happened to the girl she used to be?

Note the man in the next room relaxing with a newspaper and pipe. Robert Patterson’s illustration shows the range of patience and madness that likely every mother has faced. It is yet another example of how we share the same space in different times as moms in decades past.

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