1952 – Look Young with Dorothy Gray

Over 30? No worries. Erase wrinkles with hormone cream.

Glam mom with daughter – Dorothy Gray Hormone Cream – Today’s Woman February 1952

Here’s a family shot of a glamorous mom, her tuxedo wearing man, and her sweet daughter. It comes from a 1952 ad for Dorothy Gray face cream.

Almost every one cheerfully admits to being over thirty . . . even over forty! Yet they go on looking lovely!

Dorothy Grey Hormone Cream Ad – Today’s Woman Feb 1951

It is one of many face creams that have been on the market for decades. You can still buy the brand on Amazon.

It does seem strange that a product meant to make someone look younger has the word gray in it. I looked up Dorothy Gray skin care and found a fascinating website that describes her life as an entrepreneur in the 1920’s. Take a look.

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