1951 – The Baby Issue

The baby boom had begun. We're here to help.

Today’s Woman July 1951 Cover – Mom holding Baby – Special Baby Issue

In July 1951, the post-war baby boom was in full swing. Chances are likely that a baby was in your life or someone you knew. Today’s Woman magazine devoted much of their July 1951 issue to moms and babies.

Special Baby Issue – 36 pages of practical ideas for new mothers

One of the articles was titled, “Baby in the House”. It gave some tips for managing baby and other household chores.

The main rule is to pamper only one member of the family–yourself–and here are some ways to do it.

Plan easy-to-prepare meals. If your husband is too busy to help, hire a neighborhood high-school girl to help with shopping.

Learn to take cat naps during the day.

Do dishes only once a day, Do only one big job a day such as ironing laundry, vacuuming.

Use a stool for ironing, dishwashing, or preparing food to prevent fatigue.

Be prepared for that post-midnight feeding with a warm robe and bottle warmer.

The ads in the magazine were very baby-centric. Here’s one for Johnson’s cotton tips. Apparently, holding your baby up with your arms outstretched makes for a good mother-baby shot. It is the exact same pose as they used for the cover.

Johnson’s Cotton Tips Ad – July 1951

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  1. Practical advice for the new mom. Thanks for sharing.

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