1956 – Hot New York Summer

Mid-century summer fashions

Man and woman in Central Park for Fashion article in July 1956 Mademoiselle magazine.. By Len Stuart in Herbert Meyer Cotton. $22.95.

Mademoiselle magazine provided a monthly fashion feature titled Scoops of the Month where they highlighted the latest fashions. Here they choose New York City citizen Patti Long as their model. They described 18 year old Patti as a NYC transplant studying dance and voice. Fashion features are generally viewed, and not read. However, I found the text of the article fun to read. The topic was fashion and New York heat. The fashions were photographed at classic NYC landmarks.

Leave the city this time of year? “No, It’s hot–but it’s New York”

It is hard for me to imagine someone having this small of a waistline in today’s world. It is also hard to imagine a world that expected a high fashion look complete with bras, girdles and slips underneath in an era before air conditioning. Here is a bit of the text, and more mid-century fashion photography from the article.

For every New Yorker who flees the heat, another stays behind and keeps the great, emptied city for himself.

Dancer Patti Long models a sleeveless town dress with capelet by Lynbrook in Parliament cotton and silk check. $17.95. Photographed at her place of residence–the Barbizon Hotel for Women.

Mademoiselle July 1956 Scoops of the month – Striped cotton and silk dress with petticoat

Striped cotton and silk dress with petticoat by Nathlynn. $25.00. Photographed on Staten Island Ferry.

Mademoiselle-July-1956 Dress by De Trano Original

Sheath dress by De Trano Original. Cotton/Silk blend. $29.95. Photographed in the Staten Island Museum.

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