1953 – The $3.98 Blouse

A look at the cost of a classic Ship-n-Shore blouse.

What did a mid-century fashionista pay for a cool cotton blouse in 1953? $3.98. This article from the November 1953 edition of Glamour magazine titled Best Buy, provided the price and suggested to the reader to pair this Ship-n-Shore blouse with lean velvet pants, or nine-to-five skirts.

A crisp and fluted skirt of combed cotton broadcloth, equally at home above lean velvet pants or nine-to-five skirts. There’s fashion news in the neat black and white print, precise background for a prim little collar and miniature box pleats.

The article revealed that blouse sizes were different 69 years ago. They came in sizes 30 to 38 instead of the less-descriptive 6 to 16 sizes we have today. Speaking of today, don’t you think a 2022 trend setter would love the look of this blouse with high-waisted pants?

The article also provided a list of where you could buy this blouse. I am always curious about old department stores such a these. They are all gone, but thankfully not forgotten thanks to Wikipedia. Check out the links below.

Stern Bros, New York. Blouses, 3rd floor
Carson Pirie Scott, Chicago. Blouses, main floor
Rike-Kumler, Dayton. Better Sportswear. 3rd floor.
Lipman Wolfe. Portland, OR. Catiente Sportswear. 3rd floor
Popular Dry Goods. El Paso. Blouse Shop. Main Floor
Burdines. Miami. Play About Shop.

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