1951 – Modernization & the Working Mom

An automatic washer and dryer to the rescue

I went to work in a defense plant – 1951 McCalls Article

This article paints a picture of America in 1951. World War 2 had ended, but the Korean war had begun. There was a work shortage due to the draft and prices were skyrocketing. Families were not set up for 2-income households, but extra income was necessary for many. The Banyan family decided to to give it a go. She worked a 10 hour day at the defense plan. He took the train to his banking job. The grandparents watched the children.

These were the days before modern conveniences like automatic washers and dryers. For the Banyan family, doing the wash required spending Saturdays at the laundromat. McCalls magazine came to the rescue. They furnished the family with a washer and dryer which was installed in their basement. This made the washday chores easy.

The new washer and dryer

Here’s a download to the full article. It gave me perspective and made me appreciate today’s world with our modern conveniences and mainstream working moms (and a husband who cooks, cleans, and does his own laundry).

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