1955 Jello Mold Tuna Salad

Jello, Tuna, Mayo, Lemon Juice, pimientos? No thanks.

My mid-century family had a rule. You can’t leave the table until you’ve finished everything on your plate. If this dish was put on my plate, it’s safe to say that I would still be sitting there. There is no amount of punishment that would get me to eat this jello mold tuna salad featuring lemon juice, mayonnaise, onions, and pimentos.

I found plenty of funny over the top food on the pages of mid-century magazines such as this ad found in the May 1955 Family Circle magazine. Jello molds were a thing for mid-century homemakers and Best Foods Mayonnaise apparently wanted in on the action. Here’s a closer look at the recipe.

Monterey Souffle Salad Recipe – Best Food Mayonnaise ad, Family Circle May 1955

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