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1953 Hitchhiker Dangers

If you pick up a hitchhiker you might be killed according to this Cosmo article.

Don’t trust this innocent looking man so says this Cosmopolitan article from 1953

This article from the August 1953 edition of Cosmopolitan has everything. Intrigue, murder, danger, villains, heroes, and even a quote by J. Edgar Hoover who said,

“When a motorist is asked, ‘How about a lift, buddy?,’ the hitchhiker may be a serviceman returning to his sick wife–or he may be death in disguise.”

It was a warning to an innocent nation that there are indeed bad people who prey on kind folks wishing to lend a hand. The article cautions the reader to just say no to hitchhikers. They may be thieves or murders disguised as everyday folks.

If you’re a baby boomer like me, you likely remember that it was not uncommon to see hitchhikers on streets and highways. They would often carry a sign to tell where they needed to go. It was a friendlier world back then, but not without danger as this article illustrates. It is a fun and interesting read and is available for download below.

Teenager convicted of murder while posing as an innocent hitchhiker.
Teenager convicted of murder while posing as an innocent hitchhiker.

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