1955 Ingrid his Wife

Short story by Florence Christian with illustration by Harry Bennett

Family Circle Short Story from May 1955

Today’s post features a short story that appeared in the May 1955 edition of Family Circle. This one was printed on news print and not a full color page that typically accompanied mid-century magazine short stories. This one does, however, include a charming illustration created by a talented illustrator. Harry Bennett was the illustrator hired for this short story titled Ingrid, his Wife by Florence Christian. The illustration is black and white except for the blue raincoat worn by the man and the polka dot kerchief worn by his wife. The illustration showing the couple’s two children peering from the window viewing the embrace, mimics a scene described in the story.

I googled Harry Bennett and learned that he passed away in 2012. According to his obituary, he painted over 1000 illustrations and book covers during his career. It was typical for him to ask his family, friends, and neighbors to pose for his numerous illustrations.

I was unable to find any information about the author Florence Christian.

This 5 page short story is available for download below.

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