1952 Hat, Gloves, Petticoat, Girdle . . .

This classic look was a lot of work in the 1950's, but we love it today.

If you’re a lover of fashion and all things classic, you probably both smile and roll your eyes at this mid-century look. It is styled to perfection, and checks all the boxes. Let’s see, she has a hat, gloves, bracelets, a brooch, and a cool wicker handbag. Underneath, she has a pointy bra, girdle, petticoat, and nylon stockings. The whole thing sounds mighty uncomfortable. Of course, I’m writing this wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The last time I wore gloves was at a snowball fight, and the last time I wore pantyhose was in the ’90’s. Let’s just say that although I sometimes wish folks in our century would care a bit more about how they look, I sure do appreciate the simplicity of today’s wardrobe.

The image you see is from a dress ad for Gay Gibson published in the May 1952 Mademoiselle magazine. The dress sold for $25.00. Check out the cool back detail which made it work for both day and night.

1952 Gay Gibson Dress Ad
1952 Gay Gibson Dress Ad
ay Gibson Ad copy and back detail - 1952 Mademoiselle Magazine
Gay Gibson Ad copy and back detail – 1952 Mademoiselle Magazine
Mid-century classic dress. Vintage Fashion image by – Vintage Fashion -1952 Dress Ad

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